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This is the website for the annual Leaping Hare convention, which is held every spring in Colchester, Essex, Britain. We will update this site with information about each forthcoming convention, as well as featuring reviews of previous years.

The 2017 convention went very well and I think those attending will agree that the quality of talks and workshops was high this year. We'd like to thank Andrew, Adrienne, Keziah, Johnathan, Robert, Fiona, Sam, Rhys & Martika, and Clan Ogma for all their sterling performances. Our thanks go to all the volunteers on the day ~ particularly Venetia for coordinating everything, John for manning the door, Terry for emceeing and booking the stalls, and Barry for opening the day. Without the volunteers from the Colchester Pagan Network, this event could simply not happen. We would also like to thank the stallholders, readers, and of course the people who attended on the day for making the whole event so enjoyable.

If you would like to book a stall (please note they tend to sell out quite a few months in advance) contact stalls, offer your skills as a speaker/performer for the 2018 event on Saturday 24th March, or purchase a ticket then please email the address below.

This site was last updated on 16th August 2017

Tickets are also available from Philipa on 07564 28823807564 or via [email protected]

Ticket prices are £6.50 in advance, or £8 on the door. Disabled people bringing non-pagan carers can request a free ticket for one carer.


Planned 2018 talks

Subject to change, our programme will include...

Sam Marks's talk ~ Walking the Antlered Road. tbc.

Robin Herne's talk ~ The Year of the Dog. Robin's talk will take you walkies through canine mythology from around the world, exploring how our four-legged friends have been honoured, harnessed for magic, and occasionally feared.

Derek Starkswood's talk ~ The Ancestral Mind through Myth. Before Derek turned native he studied for the Lutheran priesthood - a church that lays great store by scriptural accuracy. In this talk he explains how to apply those study principles to gain the maximum insight from your own mythology. 

Richard Levy's talk ~ Narrative Magic. Richard's talk today is on narrative and magic explores how stories are one of the oldest forms of magic, how they teach practical magic and lessons and concerning magical patterns and powerful earth magic.

Emma Bromley's (DipCHyp, HPD, NLP) workshop ~ Guided Cognitive Pathworking. Emma specialises in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, having studied with Trevor Silvester, founder of the Quest Institute in London.  The workshop will involve finding out a little more about yourself, finding a little more about me, and a cognitive pathworking that will hopefully allow you to rediscover a part of you that you had forgotten and also allow you to let go of  part of you that you no longer need. I will be your guide, with your unconscious mind doing all the hard work. You get to sit/lay back and relax and wonder about what positive changes might happen by going on this journey.

Jo van der Hoeven's workshop ~ Women of the Mabinogion

Suzie Edwards' workshop ~ please bring your own drum to take part in the popular rhythm workshop

Adrienne de Roy's workshop ~ commune with the Egyptian deities