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Past pictures

At the 2014 gathering, Diane receives a gift from Terry in recognition of her many years dedication in organising the convention.






John also receives a gift - many of you will recognise him as the Guardian of the Door, selling tickets and distributing the programmes. 






A random psychopath prepares to lead the storytellers in reciting the tale of Gwynn app Nudd and his encounter with Saint Collen on Glastonbury Tor.








Sam Marks' drumming workshop enjoy some spring sunshine whilst learning new rhythms and shamanic skills.






Jonathan Woolley, a druid from Cambridge, enjoys a cup of tea before enthralling the audience with his erudite talk.









Mara Acoma snapped in mid-talk, discussing how she creates ghost-like images for her photographic exhibitions.

And more pictures...

Carol Tierney in a moment of deep thought contemplating her Rune Magic workshop.


 Jo Garnham captured mid-lecture on things Arthurian, incidentally the alcohol on the table beside her was for the raffle and not to help her get through the talk!



Dr Mark Williams, currently of Oxford soon en route to Peterhouse, strikes a pose before educating the masses about the Orishas and his experiences with gentlemen in black-and-red (you had to be there to appreciate it).