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Getting there

The convention is being run at the Highwoods Community Centre, Colchester. For sat-navvers the postcode is CO4 9SR.

Travel along the Ipswich Road until you come to a roundabout with the Rovers Tye Pub on the corner. Turn on to St John's Road, which runs past the pub and towards what little is left of the wooded area. Continue straight over the next roundabout on to Highwoods Approach. You will quickly arrive at a third roundabout, turn left here towards the supermarket. The car park for the Centre is very close to the roundabout on the left-hand side. The Community Centre is adjacent to the Tesco's Superstore, and should NOT be confused with the Sports Centre!

If you are traveling to Colchester by train, the Community Centre is on the far side of Colchester and not really in easy walking distance. A taxi is recommended, or try the #65 bus (timetable below).

North Station Lay-by 0643073808010821 0841085109010911 09210931
Colchester General Hospital 0646074108060826 0846085609060916 09260936
Severalls Lane, Bus Shelter 0652074708110831 0851090109110921 09310941
Eastwood Drive/Craven Drive 0657075208160836 0856090609160926 09360946
Highwoods Tesco 0700075508190839 0859090909190929 09390949